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    What Our Clients Are Say About “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey”

    I find dry land swimming extremely beneficial to non-swimmers or children who have never received formal lessons. Especially with the ability to read about the different techniques for better comprehension and application. One day I was teaching my 2 year old how to swim. I wanted him to do the streamline position. It wasn’t until I read the first few pages of “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” to him, that he was able to grasp it. I took him to the pool and he showed me how dolphins and alligators move through the water with their pointy head, which is the streamline position. I am using this book to help my swimmers develop their swimming skills. Natasha, Owner of Natasha’s Nurturing Nest LLC
    Mason will not go to bed unless we read about Nami and practice blowing out birthday candles. At bath time, he always wants to practice blowing his bubbles. He’s got his streamline hands down pretty good and now working on “Side breathe”, a work in progress. A.O
    Coach Cindy, even though we swim with you in the Baby/Me swim class, “Nami’s” book is such a great tool to help me at home, help remind me of the cues and small practices when “Maddie” is in the tub, or we just want to play/swim. Thank you for all your great work. H.M.
    “My baby slipped while taking a bath and fell on her stomach face down in the water. It wasn’t very deep, only a few inches. I was terrified she may have inhaled some water, but suddenly I saw bubbles before she lifted her head up and giggled. I’m convinced her reaction to being face down in the water was from reading “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” and practicing “Sue Nami’s Dryland Drills”. We make it part of her daily routine, as a game she loves.” L.O.
    “My toddler was splashing in his kiddie pool and fell over one of his toys. The water level was about to his waist and when he lost his balance, he went under the water, a mother’s worst nightmare. But he rolled over on his stomach blew a load of bubbles, pushed his hands in “streamline”, pulled his head out of the water and took a breath. He decided that was just so much fun, he put his face back in the water blew more bubbles and continued a few more times. He decided to try and kick, but his hands slipped and again under he went. I was amazed when he reached his hands out, pulled his legs together and stood up, all on his own. After a few seconds, he did it again, on purpose. He loves discovering what he can do in his kiddie pool, even though it makes me a wreck, just watching him. But I’m thrilled that he is building confidence, even though I have to watch him like a momma-bear. I’m positive his newly discovered freedom is from “Sue Nami’s” book and drills.” S.M.
    As a parent, I feel empowered and love being a part of her swimming learning experience. The program has taught me how to teach her swimming skills and by doing it this way, I’m able to reinforce her skills when we’re out and about and in the bathtub. The joy of seeing her face when she get’s it is the favorite part. K. B.
    I think teaching us, the parents, is a great concept. It teaches us what to do when we’re in a different environment or setting, what to practice, especially in the bathtub. B loves to kick and she’s working on her bubbles. She loves to put her face in the water. B.D
    “I have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old who having “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” read to them and practicing with her. My 3-year-old loves to swing her arms around and around like Nami does in swimming. She marches around the house, swinging her arms and blowing out air bubbles. I’m so happy Nami’s book is a pre-swim class, that my children will be aware of what to expect once we start swim lesson in the summer. Thank you Nami, we love you.” E.H
    While visiting Disney World, we were sitting by the side of one of the resorts pool. “O” was walking around the edge of the pool when we heard a load “SPLASH”. My husband burst out of his chair, but I knew she would be ok. When my husband reached the side of the pool ready to jump in, “O” popped her little head up, looking up at her dad, reached out with both hands to the edge and said “HI DADDY, I BLOWED BUBBLES”. I told my husband “That’s why we practice in the tub”. Thank you Nami and Coach Cindy. Your valuable lessons taught me how to teach “O” to STREAMLINE, LOOK UP and take a breath.” L.C.
    My two girls are 2 years apart and have a daily competition who can blow the hardest, kick the fastest, kick and rollover the fastest, march and “swim” the longest in the living room. I love that the girls are learning about what to expect when they start swim class (the bathtub doesn’t count, even though they do put their entire heads under the water with their goggles). Thank you Nami, we love you. J.K.
    “great IDEA for a pre swim class, learning swimming “Outside of the water”…. perfect timing…” B. R.
    “MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! Beautiful interaction with the Nami and the characters…” -Chuck W.
    “Educational and entertaining! Funny and Fun! Love the bubbles” -K. Y.
    “The content totally makes sense and would be a good companion resource to anyone doing virtual lessons.” -K.B.
    “My boys loved learning about the animals.”-E.Q.
    It’s a winner. Sell it to Grandparents, Daycare centers, as well as parents. A. S.