Sue Nami's Swimming Journey

Pre-Swim Book, Dry Land Drills and Activities

“Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” is a pre-swim book and dry land drills and activities that offer an opportunity and tools for parents and educators to start the swimming conversation and learn how to prepare their child for their water experience.

In her book, “Nami” ventures on an educational journey to learn how her wildlife friends breathe, balance, streamline and move in the water. Nami will demonstrate and engage children in swimming drills and activities with an emphasis on:

  • Chapter 1: Proper breath- to exhale not hold the breath
  • Chapter 2: Proper streamline & balance to recover in the water
  • Chapter 3: Proper propulsion to move through the water with kicks and strokes

Online Class

Sue Nami's Dry Land Swim Class

Pre-Swim Online Course

“Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey – A Daycare Dry Land Swim Class” is a pre-swim online course featuring a series of fun and engaging on-land swim drills, focusing on water awareness, building confidence, and teaching swimming fundamentals using every day household items.

All drills and activities are practiced OUTSIDE OF THE WATER and are designed for pre-school children ages 15 months and older.