Water Safety Checklist – My Splash Party Checklist

Be A Water Watcher

Water Safety Checklist – Download | Print

Water Safety ChecklistStart With Our Water Safety Splash Party Checklist! We cover all the basics, starting with an easy to read watcher clock, broken down into 10 min increments. An alternate is provided in 15 mins increments as well.

Know who is doing what, what time and when watchers are on duty. Prepare your Water Watchers, arm your watchers with safety instructions i.e. whistle and cell phone in hand, no diving, no swimming in an unlighted pool, emergency care instructions and the importance of life saving equipment. We’ve provided an easy, 10 – 15 minute guide for those who are watching our waters.

Where’s Your Child?

Watch Around Water

10 to 15 minute Increments, Someone Is Always Watching

Who's Watching Your ChildEvery parent thinks they are watching their own child, but reality is no one is truly watching anyone. The water watch program shares the “WATCH” with all adults in simple 10 or 15 minute increments, so no one will miss the party, but someone is always watching the WATER, especially when the party has moved away from the water.

Quick and easy Water Watchers Guide – 10 and/or 15 minute increments, someone is always watching the pool, no one misses the party!

Nami’s Journey Guide

“Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey – Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming Fundamentals Outside of the Water”

Nami’s Swimming Journey Guide – Download | Print

Nami's Journey Guide - PDFLearn about “Sue Nami’s” mission, vision, goals, project activities and more. Preview, Read and Download Nami’s Journey Guide Today!

  • “Nami’s” Mission: “Sue Nami’s Swimming project” mission is to assist and teach parents and educators worldwide in early childhood, how to start teaching children the basic foundations of swimming, with emphasis on proper breath exchange, proper balance to recover in the water and proper propulsion to move and manipulate the water so the can maintain their balance and recover to take a breath.

  • “Nami’s Vision: “Sue Nami’s Swimming project” Vision is the elimination of drowning through building water awareness education and teaching parents and educators to change the way they perceive aquatic environments and the need to start teaching swimming fundamentals as early as possible, without water. Sue Nami’s project vision to distribute Nami’s pre-swim book and pre-swim drills to every generation of pre-kindergarten to early elementary school children in child care facilities, classroom, community centers, zoos and public and private aquatic environments around the world.

  • “Nami’s” Goal: “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” Goal is to empower children to be comfortable and confident in any and all aquatic environments.

Nami’s Journey Continues

Activities, Masks and Coloring Pages

Nami’s Coloring Pages – Download | Print
Nami Connect The Dots
Nami Connect The Dots

Join Nami and her friends, play fun games, explore new swim activities and complete coloring pages. For more games, activities and coloring pages simply select those you want and download for additional Sue Nami friend fun!

Nami & Friends Coloring Page
Nami And Friends Color

Mr Monkey Coloring Page
Nami & Mr Monkey Streamline

Nami & Friends Masks – Download | Print
Nami’s Coloring Mask

Explore your world as Nami or one of her friends! Become your favorite ‘Nami’ character, simply select your favorite Sue Nami and friends mask, color and play along. Learn bubbles, streamline and swim just like Nami and her friends!.

Mrs Frog Coloring Mask
Mrs Frog's Mask

Mr Monkey Coloring Mask
Mr Monkey's Mask